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Consumer Installment and Title Loans in Elgin and Rockford Illinois

Giving you the financial freedom you deserve, at Banquet Financial, in Elgin and Rockford, we offer consumer installment loans of up to $4,000 to those who don't qualify for bank loans. You're able to get favorable interest rates on our 7 to 24-month short-term loans, with an easy application process that usually takes less than 30 minutes.

At Banquet Financial, you'll feel welcomed, our non-intimidating environments and friendly staff will guide you through the process of obtaining your loan. Obtaining credit isn't nearly as strict as the traditional financial institutions.


Banquet Financial was opened to provide customers with a viable alternative to dealing with payday loans and banks, to help those who are in need of short-term loans.

We offer title loans along with consumer installment loans to Illinois residents. Banks are becoming tougher to deal with, and payday loans are just too expensive. This usually means these companies become stricter about whom they can or cannot help to obtain loans. We are here to offer the help to those who cannot or do not wish to deal with payday lenders or banks.